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Marcella quality cheeses & Ran Buck's Cheese Cellar

Ran Buck's Cheese Cellar
4 Rabbi Akiva st., Herzliya
Tel: +972.9.7881777
27.6 - Ran Buck's Cheese Cellar
81 Sokolov st., Ramat Hasharon
Tel: +972.3.547.2332
About Marcella Quality Cheeses

Marcella – World Of Good Cheeses Ltd. is the mother company of a group of companies, one in every segment of the Israeli cheese market. As such, it is the only company in this market to provide solutions to every segment, including retail: from high quality, off-the-shelf products and services, to tailor made solutions.

We import and market kosher and non kosher cheeses; high-end, AOC cheeses to low-cost cheese, as well as other dairy products, including milk powder, butter, ghee and so more.

From Restaurants to delicatessens, hotels, catering providers, supermarkets, hypermarkets and industrial clients, Marcella has more the 400 points of sale, many of which are visited on a daily basis. Besides those, we have our own chain of cheese stores and cheese stands, with a target of 11 outlets by the end of 2011.

After his return to Israel, Ran began working at IBM as Manager of Business Development. During this period, he established the company "Gvineria Import", which was the first company to import quality cheeses from England (Blue Stilton cheese and real Cheddar). The company was established in partnership with Nimrod Mei, co-founder of the first shop specializing in cheese in Tel Aviv – "HaGvineria B’Bazel", and Ran was also a partner in this shop. After this, he established the company "Le Cremerie", which was the importing division of cheese for "Tiv Ta'am", and was also General Manager / Partner of the Tiv Ta'am group's International Trading Company responsible, amongst others, for importing wine and "dry" products.

Marcella employs 12, full time, workers.

About Ran Buck

Ran Buck is a world-renowned cheese expert whose true love for food and cooking led him to the world of cheese. After serving an extended time in the Israeli Air Force, Ran traveled to the USA to realize his unquestionable passion and devotion for cooking and food, and thereby, to study for the title of Chef.

His culinary education was acquired at The French Culinary Institute. He then worked as a chef at the prestigious “Daniel” restaurant of Daniel Boulud. After this, he was honored to work for Chef Tom Colicchio of the "Gramercy Tavern" in New York.

After four and half years, Ran decided to specialize in one of the branches of culinary, and thus, he ended up in the mythological shop of Eddy Edelman, the founder and owner of New York’s “Ideal Cheese Shop”, which sells every possible type of cheese from around the world http://www.idealcheese.com. The variety of cheeses, the tastes and the stories of Eddy Edelman, who taught Ran all there was to know about cheese, convinced him that cheese was for him.

With the merging of the trading divisions of “Tiv Taam” and the end of his position in the group, Ran returned to his past love for cheese and for selling cheese per se. He founded “Marcella”, an importing company for cheese, and “27.6 – Ran Buck’s Cheese Cellar”, which was his original concept for a shop. 27.6 is now a chain of specialized cheese shops all over Israel.

Ran wrote "Gvinot" – the most complete and encompassing guide to cheese ever written in Hebrew, and in it a lexicon for cheese, details on the best boutique dairies in Israel, and many recipes, all of which, of course, are based on cheese. "Atmosphere", El Al Airways in-flight magazine, wrote about 27.6 in 2007. To read the article, click here (part 1) and here (part 2).

About "27.6 - Ran Buck's Cheese Cellar" shop and activities

At the retail level, “27.6 - Ran Buck’s Cheese Cellar” specializes only in cheeses and cheese products, but sells also breads, cheese crackers, wines suited specifically to the products of the shop, and cheese kitchenware and gadgets. A wide variety of activities are held at the shop – cheese courses, wine and culinary workshops etc. – customers also sign up for home evening courses or for company get-togethers in the evenings. For information on new products, specials, courses, and other activities, customers are invited to register to our newsletter (Hebrew).

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